Saturday, December 8, 2018

Hostile Takeover

HE told me my body was longer mine.  That I had to be and become whatever HE wanted.  I didn’t agree to that. HE told me I had no choice.  That HE was in charge. And if I didn’t like it, then HE would teach me to.  That HE would punish me until I did.

I learned that lesson quickly.

I went with some friends to a bar.  Gay, of course. HE had told me to meet him at a coffee shop.  I got a text from him that said, “You should have obeyed”. I instantly felt a pain in my stomach like someone had stabbed me.  I left my friends and went straight for the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up. My clothes felt tight and so I threw them off of me.  This small bar had a single male bathroom and so luckily I was alone. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked at what I saw happening.

What stared back at me was a hairy, flabby cub.  I couldn’t believe it as I watcHEd my cock shrink before my eyes.  So small I could easily cover it with a few fingers. There was a text that said, “Send me a pic cub.”  I grimly sent him a pic. HE seemed pleased with his work. I was told to sneak out the back. I did so and saw him there.  HE was so handsome like the first time we met.

We had such good sex.  But HE never stopped messaging me.  I was younger, HE was older. But HE was fit and handsome.  HE told me after HE came inside me that I would be his forever.  I didn’t know like this.

After sucking him off in the alley, HE gave me a set of clothes.  THEy fit at least. HE told me we were going back to his place for round two.  After setting foot in his apartment for the second time, I felt the familiar pain in my stomach.  I bent over as the larger clothes still fit but in a different way. I felt a need to pull them off.  But this time I tore them as my muscles started to swell. HE came back with a red cap and put it on my less hairy head backwards.  I stood up feeling my massive muscle heft. HE told me, “See when you follow orders, we both get rewarded.” My brain started to feel empty.  HE was all I needed. HE was my everything and I belonged to HIM.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Moving Back

Hey everyone.  I hope that you found me from Tumblr if you've never visited me here.  I will move over the things that I posted on Tumblr to here.

Monday, December 12, 2016


He always loved us fucking to black porn.  It was what got him going.  But I was a ginger and he was of Eastern European descent so we were as far from that as possible.

He came home one night and said he had a surprise for us.  A serum that would make us have the best sex of our lives.  I was down to try it and after I drank it I started to notice why.  My skin started to tan for the first time in my life as I grew taller and taller.  My muscles tore my shirt off and my athletic pants started to get tight around my ass and thighs.  My chest and arms exploded with muscle.  I grew a black beard and my hair shortened and turned black as well.  He came up behind me and in his new deep baritone voice said, "who needs porn now?"  I still wasn't sure that this is what I wanted.  But Connor loved what the serum did to us.  

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Big Dick's Cock Emporium

(I know long time no post, but I missed it so I'm back haha)

I had been hired by a company called Big Dick's and I thought it was a guys name.  Little did I know that it was a company for augmenting guy's cocks using other guys as the material.  This bear paid for me to be his cock and to make it larger.

They brought both of us into a room and after I signed the contract, they injected me with a strange substance.  It made me instantly get hard and my asshole became extremely loose.  This guy pulled out his little cock and rubbed it until it got hard.  He then proceeded to fuck me.  I was shocked at how good it felt.  I wasn't gay but I could see why gay guys liked this. But something  The more he fucked me the less he was pulling out.  And then, I felt a pulling sensation on my skin.

It started to get weird.  My legs went numb and I couldn't move them.  My skin on them started getting wrinkly and grew curly hairs on them.  I could feel something round moving in them.  I started to cough up a salty, sweet gooey liquid which collected on my chin and started to run down my chest.  My back started to arch to the side and my head started looking straight up.  I felt a weird skin growing under my neck.  It started to cover my face as it got harder to see.  It's like some pink sheets were pulled over my face as my mouth felt like it had moved sideways.

The man had been rubbing me the whole time but suddenly it felt like he was just grasping me.  Then, I realized.  He was turning me into his cock.  I heard the guy at the company telling him he needed to stop.  I wasn't allowed to ejaculate.  But he kept stroking me faster.  I felt shivers all over my new cock body as I felt myself tense up and a gooey liquid shot out of my new piss slit.

After that, it got hard to think about anything but piss, cum and pre-cum.  I actually like being a cock.  The process doesn't erase you completely.  I can still feel and think but no one can talk to me or hear me.  My host got me a Prince Albert which hurt at first but now feels amazing.  For some reason, I love being a cock.  Join me!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Bod

(A short one for New Year's.  I wish that I had this curse put on me haha. Happy New Year's Everybody!)

Every year it's the same thing.  New Year's Eve I have to stay in.  The change is sometime painful, sometime pleasurable; usually, both.

See, three years ago, at a New Year's Carnival, a gypsy woman cursed me to experience a new life every year.  She told me I would never die but that I would enjoy many different lives and styles and live in many different places.  The first time it happened I was terrified.  But shortly after the transformation was over, I knew everything about my new life and went on like nothing had happened.  I always change wherever my last body was.  But then I'm magically transported to where the new one should be. 

This was me yesterday.  Jeff Cartright.  I was a father of three who worked at the top of a huge corporation.  I was vacationing with them at out river house.  The change usually starts around 10 pm.  I wasn't very happy with this body.  It was really out of shape, the kids tired me out after work, my wife spent way too much money.  Everything was so stressful.

I knew it was 10 when I felt the starting tingles.  I went into the house under the guise of taking a shit.  I first noticed the tingles on my head.  Hoping that I was growing hair back, I stared in the mirror.  I watched as dark brown hair grew in.  Oh, it felt so good.  My belly started to disappear and was replaced with a still hairy but super hot set of abs.  I was starting to get excited.

My arms toned up and my chest did too.  The hair became straighter and less kinky.  My face started to look younger.  More square and less round.  I felt it and it felt strong.

It was 11.  I was halfway through my change.  My legs toned up and my thighs became gorgeous.  I turned and saw my flabby ass become something crafted by the Gods.

"Oh man, guys are gonna line up to fuck this?"  I said out loud in a youthful baritone.  I guess this guy is gay.  Not a problem.

As the clock struck midnight, I was too busy jacking off in this body to realize that my cock was no longer buried in fat.  Had a nice 9 incher, thick as a coke can.  I looked up and realized I was dancing in a bar.  Men were watching me jack off and throwing twenties and hundreds at me.  I was now, Ben Locke, a dancer at one of the few bars in the US that lets their dancers show off everything and do anything.  Damn, I was gonna get so laid tonight!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cubby Oso

This was me.  Before the curse.  My name was Tom.  I was hot, sexy, gingered...popular.  I loved High School.  So what if I picked on some people I shouldn't have.  That doesn't mean I deserved to become someone completely different, does it?  I guess I'll start at the beginning.

I was walking from first period to second period and the group I called the "Chubby Mexis" walked by.  God, they were all so fucking fat and gross.  I made fun of them almost every time I walked by them.  I pushed one down and my friend laughed.

The leader looked me straight in the eyes and with a weird look in his eye said, "Tú que nos toma el pelo todos los días se convertirá en un oso como nosotros por el final de la escuela."

"Fuck you too buddy. Learn to speak English," I said as I pushed him against the locker and punched him in the gut. I didn't care. The principal wasn't going to give me detention or suspend me. Football star.

Lunch was weird. I was way hungrier than I usually was. Must have been from that awesome as fuck practice this morning. I thought as I started grabbing all of the crappy burritos and terrible tacos that the cafeteria had. I ate the in a flash and just wanted more. I spent all of my lunch money for like two weeks.

My shirt seemed tight but I figured it was just from eating all that food and would work it off at practice after school. As I walked to 5th period from lunch, my jeans felt super tight. I walked into a bathroom and noticed that my jeans were skin tight and my shirt was riding up my stomach. I looked in the mirror and it looked like my hair was shorter and...darker?  

"Es no posible," I said looking in the mirror. "The fuck did I say that for?" I question as I decide to try and continue my day.

I was late for 5th period and my teacher barely recognized me for some reason.  I guess I looked a little swollen, I thought maybe I need to do a cleanse or something after eating those terrible burritos.  I sat down and heard a RIP.  My jeans finally couldn't take it.  But that wasn't what my classmates were laughing at.  They were laughing at the giant fart that covered up that sound.

Some how, I made it through the rest of 5th and 6th period unscathed.  I held my gas in and kept pulling my shirt down.  I ran down the hall as soon as the bell rang and walked into one of the less used restrooms.

What I say in the mirror horrified me.  My red hair was gone and in its place was short, black hair.  My face was round and my skin was all more tan.  My shirt was torn on the sides and my gut was huge.  I had man boobs sitting on top.  My legs were thick and my hands were pudgy.

"Estoy muy gordo!" I shout out loud in Spanish.  Why Spanish?! I start freaking out as it gets easier to think in Spanish.

Just then the Chubby Mexi's ringleader walks in.  He smiled at me and grabbed my belly.

"I like it.  Welcome to the Cubby Oso's gordito."

From that moment on I was no longer Tom.  I was Josue.  And the other Cubby Oso's became my boyfriends and my gang at school.  I really miss football and being me.  But damn, I love a hot verga.  I mean no, I love oso pussy.  Ugh, I hate what they've made me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Camping Stone

My friend, Mark, and I had been planning to go on this huge communal camping trip.  It happened once a year and was supposed to always be a really pleasurable experience.  You were not allowed to be with any of your friends and there were no real "rules".  You could be nude, have orgies, do drugs, whatever the fuck you wanted.  Then, you come back on the last day and explain to your friends what exactly you did and share in your different experiences.

Mark and I were not the most fit guys, he was a cute but large red-head and I was a larger and taller brunette.  He had been put in a group with all these jocks and I got stuck with your typical other gay bears.

After the terrible and uneventful two nights we went back to the communal area.  I looked and looked for Mark but never saw him.  A cute guy with black hair, a sexy dimple in his chin and a to-die-for-body walked up to me and hit my arm and gave me a thumbs up.

"What the fuck man?! Who are you?" I said confused and a little turned on.

"Damn man, it really is anything goes," the man said.  He sounded kind of familiar.  I noticed something about the group this guy had come with.  It was the group Mark had gone camping with.  I noticed they all looked the same but a little different.  Some were a little beefier, one looked like he wasn't supposed to have red hair (red hair but a dark skin tone), one had a thick beard but I don't think he did before.  I looked back at the guy and noticed he sort of looked a teeny bit like Mark.

"They took things away from me by fucking me on this rock.  One wanted to be a red-head so now I have his black hair.  Some wanted me to be fit so they took just a little fat.  I even got this cool tattoo. Unfortunately, one of them wanted a bigger cock, but now I have this sexy ass and bod to get fucked in. Well, how was your weekend?"